Delta-V Awards - 2016 Edition - 10 to 6

ESG Delta-V award 2016 small.pngNew to this year's Delta-V citations? Check out our previous winners ranked 20 to 16 here and 15 to 11 here. As we move into the top 10 count down, it's probably worth a reminder that these 20 companies were chosen for their impact on the big data and analytics market. They aren't necessarily ESG clients, either, in fact fewer than half have done any official project work with me in the past year. It's all about recognizing innovation, pure and simple. That said, let's roll right into the next quintet!

10. ClearDB - Data is only as good as the applications that can leverage it, which means you need to be able to build seamlessly to the data platform. ClearDB has set up a reliable, fast, secure, and global access architecture for cloud MySQL databases-as-a-service. Really everything DBAs, developers, or DevOps needs to get to the good part, without any of the pesky administration, tuning, troubleshooting issues that bog things down. We like the good part.

9. Cask - Similarly, Cask provides a platform for accelerating data-driven application development, but differently, their offering is a big data-oriented middleware-like platform. Cask is solving the challenges around development, data integration, security, governance, and operations for data lakes and Hadoop environments. These are critical path objectives for big data initiatives, and CDAP 4 brings the maturity that the market was missing. 

8. Qubole - Can we say, "time to value," class? I knew we could. It's no secret that many are turning to cloud infrastructure services for big data, but managed services clouds are proving their value now too. Qubole has rapidly scaled up to offer a wallet-friendly and heterogeneous service that lets you skip past the infrastructure evaluation, design, procurement, integration, and ongoing management. Just spin up as many resources as you need for all your big data environments. 

7. BlueData - A funny thing happened on the way to the big data private cloud. People decided they want public cloud, too. Or instead. Or whatever best handles the task at hand. BlueData has neatly pivoted from on-premises cluster provisioning, management, and efficiency to bring the exact same capabilities to the AWS cloud, too. Rather than treating each distribution and deployment model as unique, their platform now brings it all together.

6. Oracle - I honestly didn't know where to link in Oracle's monolithic website, but ironically, that's exactly why the company makes this year's list. Whatever you need, Oracle has it. Database, data warehouse, data integration, middleware, big data, NoSQL, advanced analytics, etc. Now available as software, as cloud services, as engineered systems, even as cloud-systems-on-site. Not only does Oracle do very well at every data management function, it does every function very well everywhere. Unmatched depth and breadth.

Ok, can you spot the theme emerging yet? We tire of build-your-own adventures. The future isn't in carefully glueing together your kit from all the myriad component parts, it's in the insights. Can't wait to declare the final five next!


Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI