DevOps Myths and Realities: Why the Key to DevOps is Understanding What it is First (Video)

Yuen_DevOps_Myths.jpgNow more than ever, the IT world is a giant game of buzzword bingo, where vendors are adopting hot buzzwords for their products like they are writing a online dating profile. One of the biggest buzzwords that I run into is DevOps. There probably isn't an application or management product out there that doesn't claim to be DevOps or enable DevOps.

But what does it all mean? What exactly is DevOps for business and IT operations? Is it a feature, a function, a product? A lot of discussions around DevOps talk about developing applications faster but is speeding up development really what it's all about? And who are vendors talking about when they say they are building for DevOps? Is it IT, the developers themselves, or a new role?

To address all these issues, I've posted a new ESG Video Capsule, where I go over DevOps Myths and Realities. While I don't answer every question about DevOps, this video should lay out the ground work to have the conversations about DevOps both with your vendors but also within your own company.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration