Did Dell and EMC Just Simplify the Enterprise Mobility Strategic Decision Making Process?

cloud_workspacesThe fact that major IT vendors are consolidating isn’t a surprise, given the feedback we hear from IT professionals about wanting to work with fewer vendors that can be more strategic to their business.

The Dell/EMC acquisition also lends itself to further validation that traditional IT consumption models are being disrupted, and it is difficult to transform business models and/or continue to operate in a single proverbial IT silo. Some of this dynamic is due to a valid means of consuming IT services from public cloud providers, and the rest can be credited to IT being too complex for too long. While Dell and EMC will not position it as such, the acquisition is poised to capitalize on the fact that IT is slow and difficult to change. This fact is good for Dell/EMC as they will continue to service this massive base even as business consume more services from the cloud.

So how does the acquisition help businesses that have honed in on enterprise mobility initiatives? The key assets lie within the VMware EUC (end-user computing) business unit and Cloud Client Computing at Dell, with some specialization within EMC in regards to VCE. From a pure asset perspective, this could line up to be a rather impressive offering for businesses. Without getting too drab in the details, the combined companies will have end-to-end hardware and software for a mobile workforce. This includes tools to manage and secure the employee base, as well as some combined vertical industry expertise.

The question remains how open (or not) they will be with go-to-market channel partners and technology partners. It’s easy for them to say that they will take an open approach, but it will be hard to ignore how efficient and profitable they can become in a customer as they lay down the hardware, software and services to help customers achieve their goals.

If any organization is a current customer of any of the companies involved in the acquisition, and is also in the midst of embracing enterprise mobility, they should take a moment to pause and see how the assets in these companies may play a strategic role. One of the most difficult decisions with enterprise mobility today is placing some bets with IT vendors, and while it will take months for the acquisition to play out, it may have just significantly simplified the enterprise mobility decision process and will likely help to accelerate some initiatives with companies.

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