Did Hitachi Vantara Do Good at Next 2019?

GoogleNEXT2019Before you panic, I have not lost my command of the English language. I know the title of this blog is grammatically imperfect; but it is also entirely intentional. Hitachi (the overall company) has had dual intentions from the very beginning of its existence over a century ago…not only to develop and produce valuable products and services, but also to find ways of “powering good” (that’s the modern vernacular) in society. Both of its “dual bottom lines” were on full display at Hitachi Vantara’s Next conference last week in Vegas.

While the regular profit-motive and the more surprising goodness-motive are both interesting, there is however a third element at work in the organization that is equally intriguing, and that is the concept of time: The cadence of Japanese business is very often driven by what is possibly right, rather than what is possible right now. That is hardly a revelatory insight; we all know Wall Street and VC demands can lead to artificially aggressive timings and contortions for organizations that are thus-beholden, but we don’t often get to see this contrast in full effect in the IT industry. Hitachi Vantara has been able to afford to pick "next" over "now"!

I am sure that at times this very deliberate and very considered germination period can drive some of its customers and employees to the frustrated edge of despair…but when the technology flower eventually blooms the wait can be forgiven. And that’s Next in a nutshell: After a few years of relative quiet (I am being kind), Hitachi Vantara emerged from its slumber in grand fashion with a veritable spewing of powerful introductions and announcements across its entire portfolio. The sum of the abilities is simultaneously impressive and hard to fully appreciate quickly. The full impact and operational potential will take a while to be digested…whether that’s by users, prospective customers, or commentators. That said, here’s ESG’s take on a few selected highlights in our On Location video report:   



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