Discovering a Renewed HPE (Video)

Peters_Laliberte_Discover_2018One of the fascinating parts of my job is watching companies ebb, flow, and change over time. Sometimes it’s stealth ideas in borrowed offices, sometimes it’s start-ups that are “Roman Candles” or bloom to maturity and/or acquisition; and sometimes it is the venerable industry giants really making a substantive change. The last is rare, often painful, and invariably slower than the others...but the recent HPE Discover event persuaded me that I am probably witnessing such a transformation.

Here is my take, along with that of my colleague Bob Laliberte, in our ESG On Location video from the event.

I’m struggling to put my changed feelings into meaningful words - but perhaps the best summary (with a nod to the World Cup that is on right now) is that it seems as if HPE is playing to win rather than playing not to lose. In other words, it is an attitude shift just as much - perhaps more than - anything to do with the portfolio and organization. Yes there’s new leadership (not just Antonio Neri at the helm, but myriad other hires and changes) and I think the employees are ready to embrace a more assertive (and thus successful) future rather than settle for "good enough" (which has all-too-often seemed to have been the default).

Read Bob Laliberte's HPE Discover 2018 blog for more insight, as well.  

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