Discovering Odaseva Data Management-as-a-service: Salesforce Backup, Archive, and GDPR

GettyImages-646945588Salesforce has become pervasive as the cloud-based CRM solution of choice in many enterprises, yet its backup, restoration, archiving, and management of data in general can be complex and expensive. We recently met with a very interesting player in this space: Odaseva. The company offers a Salesforce-only third-party solution that builds on the Salesforce APIs to deliver more predictable and robust SLAs for data-management-as-a-service, including some new capabilities focused on meeting the GDPR challenges.  

SaaS-based CRM is being used by nearly one-third of midmarket and enterprise organizations, according to ESG research. In the ESG 2017 IT Spending Intentions Survey, the data shows that CRM continues to be an application that organizations see as a good fit for the cloud/SaaS, giving us confidence that cloud-based CRM is here to stay and grow. Just as they do for other services such as email and office productivity, many organizations need to assess the potential data protection conundrum this presents.


Founded in 2012 in France and now with double-headquarters in San Francisco and Paris, Odaseva is a software vendor providing solutions built on the Salesforce platform. The company was founded by CEO and CTO Sovan Bin, a recognized Salesforce “guru,” and is mainly comprised of Salesforce-certified experts with a very deep bench of knowledge. In Odaseva’s view, data management needs to be efficient, quick, and with limited custom development to minimize manual processes and reduce deployment time and cost. Its core segment focus is the enterprise space. Odaseva defines its portfolio as data management-as-a-service with solutions that span archiving, backup, GDPR, and “Data Ops” (akin to DevOps, but for data).

Odaseva is big in Salesforce expertise and big in ambition. Its challenge will now be to successfully get to its next stage of growth in a market in which some very well-funded competitors also claim and actively sell backup and recovery capabilities for the platform. Its relationship/alliance with Salesforce and recognized expertise are great assets on which to capitalize. However, key to its success will be its ability to educate the market on the complexities of data management for Salesforce as it differentiates its solution technically.

Topics: Data Protection Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI GDPR