Docker Networking - Keeping it Simple

I have written an ESG brief on Docker Networking.  ThinkstockPhotos-155465538The brief is available to ESG subscription clients only, but I have summarized a few points below.

  • Docker has announced a networking system that enables application portability across any network infrastructure and enables partners to create plug-in drivers. Providing its own drivers as well as those from partners creates a broad ecosystem that offers choice. Although this system is still experimental and will undoubtedly evolve, the Docker community needs to resist the desire to add complex features that may offset its key benefits of scalability and simplicity. Simplicity of design is critical to satisfying developer needs and cannot be ignored. 
  • We discuss the actions end-users can take to familiarize themselves with the multi-host SDN capabilities, either from default SDN systems or plug-ins from third-party partners such as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Midokura, Nuage Networks, Project Calico, VMware, and Weaveworks.
  • We examine the need to keep simplicity in the system, which is consistent with the rest of the Docker design philosphy--but creating additional open source projects such as Cisco's Contiv container network clustering is fine since it's an independent project, and lessons can influence the mainline code in the long term.

Note: Docker uses the spelling of 'plugin' for what I refer to as 'plug-ins.'  All the same thing. 

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