DoubleDutch Doubles Down for New Generation Apps.

This week, DoubleDutch announced an additional $4M in venture financing. Obviously, that’s good for them. It’s even better for the enterprise applications market. This investment adds not only another layer of validation to DoubleDutch, but also to what they are trying to accomplish. DoubleDutch is at the leading edge of a change in the way enterprise applications are designed and used by the average knowledge worker.

Business has a new understanding of how we work and different expectations for the applications that support that work. The old way of designing enterprise applications—monolithic, static, centralized, and management-oriented—is giving way to a new way of thinking about how applications affect productivity and efficiency. New generation applications such as those from DoubleDutch do not throw away the process embedded in enterprise applications. Inspired by lightweight mobile, social applications, DoubleDutch and companies like them deconstruct those processes into the types of interactions that different constituents within companies need to have with the system of record to actually accomplish their work in the most efficient manner possible. Moreover, these new generation applications use social collaboration features as a way to glue together disparate parts of the overall process that typically span many enterprise systems. The backend process and the application that supports it never really changes—management still needs reports and the whole process needs to be enforced—but the view into that process changes depending on a person’s job function. Instead of handing a sales person a giant CRM application that tries to do everything possible all at once, most of which she will never use, new generation applications deliver only what that sales person needs. This type of change is playing out across many applications but especially project management and human capital management.

This is a trend that we should all look forward to. It is leading innovation in a relatively stagnant enterprise applications market. Mobile and social are driving the changes in enterprise applications that will benefit all of us and the organizations we work for.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility Cloud Services & Orchestration