Driving Infrastructure Value (includes Video)


101076902.jpgAs a lover of analogies I often find that I am using comparisons to cars and other vehicles in this job; having spent decades concentrating on the data storage market it has consistently been convenient to compare various product releases to various car brands and/or types - thus we can see Rolls Royce or Toyota Camry type products, or perhaps compare the general purpose attributes of an SUV-type storage system against those of something more akin to the storage equivalent of a sports car or truck. Everyone uses cars - and vehicular transport more generally - and so it's a very easy and colorful way to get the point across.

 So it should be no surprise that I used the analogy when commenting on the overall storage - and infrastrcuture - market in my recently-released Predictions for Storage in 2017 Video (which, if you have not seen it, I would encourage you to view). It made me realize that I should pull together a somewhat more detailed unpacking of the analogy.....since, rather conveniently, both the world of cars and the world of storage/infrastructure are exhibiting some similar changes; most notably in terms of multiple consumption models, as well as in terms of who will continue to build versus buy.

Here is the ESG Video Capsule that - in just two minutes - summarizes this powerful analogy.

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