Elastic Cloud Gateway Research Discussion with Jon Oltsik and John Grady

Grady-Oltsik-ECGTo explore user perspectives around SASE solutions and elastic cloud gateway architectures, ESG recently completed a research study on the convergence of network security tools through a consolidated, cloud-delivered platform. The study explored pain points with current approaches and tools, interest in and important elements of an ECG approach, and what organizations expect to gain from implementing an ECG architecture. To explore some of the research, I invited my colleague Jon Oltsik to discuss the findings and what they mean.

In the video, Jon and I discuss:

  • ECG interest. Suffice it to say, very few organizations are not interested in an ECG type of network security approach, but we discuss how organizations are thinking about the deployment model and anticipated business outcomes associated with elastic cloud gateways.
  • The shift to cloud-delivered network security tools. I share some ESG research findings on where the market stands in the transition to cloud, and the reasons organizations are quickly moving to a cloud-delivery model.
  • How networking fits into the architecture. We discuss how organizations see networking, and specifically SD-WAN, fitting into security overall, and an ECG approach specifically. I explain that this is a longer transition and will likely vary from company to company.
Topics: Cybersecurity