EMC Announces Another Step Towards Backupless-backups

Last week, in London, EMC made several announcements – many of which hinged on the VMAX3 platform – but the one of most interest to me was ProtectPoint, where those new VMAX machines will be able to send their backup data directly from production storage to protection storage (EMC Data Domain) without an intermediary backup server.

I mentioned this in workload-enabled-data-protection-is-the-future-and-that-is-a-good-thing/index.html" target="_blank" title="Workload-enabled Data Protection is the future">my blog last week as an example of the fact that, while “backup” is evolving, those kinds of evolutions require that the role of both the Backup Administrator (which should not be thought of as a Data Protection Manager/DPM) and the Storage Administrator (or any other workload manager that is becoming able to protect their own data) need to evolve, as well. Enjoy the video:

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