EMC Hybrid Cloud Bridges Private and Public Clouds

Businesses of every size are evaluating or integrating with some kind of cloud computing model. But how they get there and who they turn to remains a challenge. At an IT industry level, it also is fascinating to observe which IT vendor's cloud strategy will be successful and how IT professionals leverage trusted relationships they have built with IT vendors. Businesses also see the value in hybrid cloud and want IT to capture the control, management, and orchestration across both on-prem and off-prem consumption models as they broker traditional and new IT services to the business.

EMC has a solution. The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution enables IT to become a broker of trusted cloud services with a fully-engineered solution that enables users to consume IT services sourced from private and public clouds in a single hybrid environment.

IT Advantage: IT captures the control and visibility they require, while being able to support the on-demand self-service that users require for their workloads. The solutions can be built on Microsoft, OpenStack, or VMware cloud OS technologies and can interoperate with a wide spectrum of public clouds, including VMware vCloud Air, EMC’s Cloud Service Provider Partners, and larger public clouds such as Amazon Web Services. IT administrators gain the advantage of automated provisioning, monitoring, metering, chargeback, automated disaster recovery, continuous availability, and the ability to provision services from public cloud resources, which allows them to embrace the hybrid cloud operating model.

End-user Advantage: An integrated workflow and scripts that deliver automated self-provisioned end-user services enabled by the click of a button are included. Those services include infrastructure-as-a-service, data-protection-as-a-service, and platform-as-a-service for developers. Services for deploying popular enterprise applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP are also included

With EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, IT organizations can meet the demands of new projects and embrace workflow automation through a hybrid cloud strategy that leverages private and public cloud consumption models together.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration