EMC the Infrastructure and Cloud Company

ESG recently attended EMC’s annual global analyst summit in Boston, MA. The event landed right on the heels of VCE rolling into EMC and directly on its Hybrid Cloud announcement, and shared a wealth of insights into the company direction, soutions portfolio, product strategy, and go to market. David Goulden and Joe Tucci set the stage with a business update anchored in the federation of EMC, VMware, Pivotal, and RSA - a force to contend with at every level.


A primary theme of the event was IT transformation. This included:

  • IT organizational changes that address the sometimes awkward balance for IT professionals of reducing the cost of IT staff through IT automation to achieve substantial business savings. One EMC customer shared that the role of his staff is changing as they transition away from technology competencies and assume new roles that focus on managing IT vendors with an acute focus on internal business initiatives. EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud has the ability to turn IT into a service broker while embracing on-prem and off-prem consumption models – with VMware additions today followed by Openstack and Microsoft solutions.

  • Transition away from traditional applications and infrastructure. EMC categorizes traditional IT as 2nd generation platform and next generation IT as 3rd platform. Terminology aside for the moment, EMC has planned for this transition for some time now and has set the execution machine full steam ahead to match the “New IT Agenda.” The image below highlights how EMC can snap into the IT priority list and help business accelerate the pace of change.

  • The future of IT infrastructure centered on software-defined and converged systems. VMware, ViPR, and VCE are at the heart this strategy with EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud providing the veneer required for orchestration, management, and end-user self-service. EMC converged infrastructure solutions include VCE, VSPEX, and soon to be announced EVO stamped designs. This provides EMC with a full spectrum of offerings for its customers that range from the Fortune 100 to midmarket customers focused on simplifying IT.  Bill Scannell also took the opportunity to point out go to market strategy for EMC and prominently displayed VCE as a swim lane that has unique application-led discussion capabilities rooted in a salesforce experienced in SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle implementations.


The goal of EMC is to capture customers embracing IT transformation, participate heavily in next generation platforms, continue to transact business with traditional IT and leverage the entire federation as the forward-facing placemat that leads customer discussion and investment. The EMC strategy combines infrastructure, applications, and operations into a cohesive set of products, solutions, services, and hard-hitting roadmap locked into helping businesses embrace the cloud and invest in simplified IT infrastructure consumption.