End-User Perspective on Integrated Computing

ESG had the opportunity to share the information from our recent ESG Market Landscape Report, Virtual Computing Infrastructures: The Movement Towards Integrated Computing: The Foundations for Cloud at the 2012 New England VMUG Winter Warmer. We intercepted a giant wave of questions and had some fantastic conversations with the attendees.

The session I presented further confirmed:

  • There is interest in moving towards more of an integrated computing approach, but most end-users are still absorbing how and why they would transition from their current infrastructure deployment model and what their options are.
  • Many end-users are still very concerned about vendor lock-in, hardware lifecycle, and cost.
  • The transition from DIY (Do It Yourself) to integrated computing is a long term strategy that vendors have the opportunity to accelerate during hardware refresh cycles.
  • The integrated computing options are not well understood. Many end-users were surprised to see the list of 9 different vendors with integrated computing products.

You can find more information here: http://esgnext.com/nevmug/session-vci.html

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Topics: IT Infrastructure Cloud Services & Orchestration