ESG's In-Depth Mobility Perspective into a Workspace

IT vendors are fanning the fire when it comes to transforming the way desktops, applications and data are delivered and secured.

workspaces analysisThe construct ESG has been speaking about for some time and continues to use is — workspaces. Some IT vendors append adjectives to align with their business, but the basic premise is as we have described it in the following Video Capsule series:

ESG has also created an ESG Guide, Meeting the Demands of the Enterprise Mobility Market, that details what technology vendors must do to take advantage of this growing opportunity and effectively showcase their enterprise mobility solutions.

The workspace offers enormous benefits for IT, employees and the business, but how the workspace is assembled, secured and delivered is open for debate. Slicing up the traditional desktop and managing the pieces separately is brilliant, but this will also create a new set of challenges for IT.

So stay tuned as ESG continues to explore the different solutions in the market and speak with businesses that wrestle with these challenges and watch some step out in front of the pack with some amazing success stories!

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