Exciting Data Visualization: Understanding the Federal Budget

Ok, I admit that examining the US Federal government's budget doesn't sound exciting. Unless you are a politics junkie, looking for a sound bite to get outraged around, no one wants to pore through a big spreadsheet of long line items. We pay our taxes, we grumble about it, and then we get back to doing something more pleasant. 

Do you wonder where the money actually goes? Well, here, for the first time ever, is a simple, intuitive, and informative at-a-glance look at how our tax dollars are allocated. Almost makes me want to write my elected officials to say "thank you," followed by another letter to say "what the heck!?!?" Independent of your own personal political bias, and ignoring the lower level messaging from the White House, this is amazingly good information, and extremely well presented.

Anyway, it's your civic duty to take a look. You'll be stunned. Data visualization makes all the difference in the world.


Click image above to drill in.

For comparison and to understand just how effective this data visualization is, check out the old way of sharing this info. Click image below for a PDF of the summary tables.