Extending Multi-tenant Clouds Across Multiple Data Centers

While many organizations have relied on data center connectivity to ensure site-to-site communication and support disaster recovery, the ability to create a multi-site layer 2 network that is simple to operate and that supports growing multi-tenant environments can create significant challenges, such as managing multiple data center networks (DWDM, MPLS, and IP), high costs, and deploying the appropriate technology to enable these connections.

Yesterday HP announced Ethernet Virtual Interconnects to help organizations overcome these challenges and enable data center interconnects over IP networks. HP also developed complementary Multi-tenant Device Context (MDC) technologies specifically to extend multi-tenant environments between data centers. The goal of these solutions is to create an overlay network enabling organizations to perform VM migrations quickly and easily across multiple geographically dispersed data centers for higher availability, reliability, and agility.

The ability to extend the concept of multi-tenant cloud environments between data centers will enable organizations to deploy follow-the-sun workloads, dynamically utilize global compute resources to better handle bursty or seasonal traffic, and enable proactive business continuity. Those improvements, in turn, will enable organizations to enhance business processes and better serve their customers and partners.

ESG believes the key to a successful adoption of data center interconnects is to be able to leverage simple IP connectivity to quickly ramp up services while minimizing costs and complexity. IP connectivity is ubiquitous, it typically does not require additional skill sets, and it is cost-effective. Also, keeping the initial start up price low will help. In this case HP reports these technologies will be included as part of the OS on their 12500 switches and existing customers will be able to simply download these new capabilities.

EVI combined with MDC will enable organizations to extend multi-tenant clouds among up to eight data centers. For enterprises, HP EVI takes data center interconnects to the next level of simplicity and ease of use, as HP claims interconnects can be established in only 5 steps and a few minutes to enable long-distance VM mobility, business continuity and cloud agility.

Topics: IT Infrastructure Networking Cloud Services & Orchestration