First Impressions of Windows 8

I originally had intentions to work with Windows 8 in the Fall of 2012, but I'm glad I got started sooner. I admit that I am a gadget guy, but I am also more importantly always looking for more ways to be more efficient, save time, and have a more enjoyable user experience. I am a pretty simple use case as I primarily use Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and a web browser, but stability, reliability and mobility are a big deal to me. I had been using a laptop, tablet, and smartphone, all of the non-Windows type, until I switched over to a Samsung 700T running Windows 8. The initial experience has me excited and here is why:

Windows apps: Love them or hate them, I use Microsoft apps every day. With Win 8 on a tablet, I can be in full production mode and view mode on the same device with the same apps. Seems obvious, but this was not a simple task with all my non-Windows devices.

Touch: The touch functionality in Win 8 adds a new dimension to your computing experience. I can run off with the Samsung and use all my apps with touch gestures and still remain productive. I find the use of keyboard, mouse, AND touch to work out fantastic – though it does take a bit of getting used to.

Mobility: The fact that I can buckle into my office chair with full mouse & keyboard productivity and jet across the country with the same device and same apps is a GIANT win for me.

I still have a few hurdles to jump over like dealing with some capability issues with IE 10. In addtition, Metro apps show potential but are not as stable or feature rich as I need them to be, and while the Samsung 700T is performing great, I have to admit I may be one of the first buyers of the Microsoft Surface  :)

Topics: Enterprise Mobility