5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Network Switch

city_roadCampus network switches aren’t updated as frequently as data center switches, but there are some compelling reasons why it may be worthwhile to upgrade now and not wait until the end of a regular refresh cycle.

Practically speaking, campus networking is wireless networking, and there are more devices connecting to the network. More devices mean more bandwidth requirements, and it’s hard to figure out what BYOD devices are going to be doing, whether it’s just plain download bandwidth, a time critical application like VoIP, or a sudden surge like Apple iOS version updates. And once end-users are tied to a new way of using devices, network teams are often forced to adapt. BYOD not only means "bring your own devices", but adds, “because you’re overly demanding”.

New applications may also drive new wireless use. Retailers may work with hyper-location services to track where shoppers are, and perhaps even send notifications. These require more coverage for accuracy, and that means more ports on switches for wireless access points to connect to.

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