For Channel Partners ... It’s All About Putting Money in the Bank!

Each year ESG surveys over 500 IT professionals within midmarket and enterprise companies to understand how they plan to spend their IT budget in 2013. Since most technology companies depend on an ecosystem of partners reselling their solutions, this is the first in a year-long series of blogs to focus on this research and the opportunities for channel organizations in 2013.

First up, the networking sector:

  1. It looks like spending on networking will stay relatively flat this year. A few bright spots include:
    1. More than half of enterprises are earmarking more money for network infrastructure
    2. Companies with more than 5 data centers will increase their spend
    3. Companies in the retail and business services sector are more likely to increase networking spending.

IMPLICATIONS FOR THE CHANNEL – Drive channel marketing campaigns towards bigger companies who are consolidating data centers into fewer centralized sites, or are in the retail or business services industry verticals.

  1. Companies that stay on top of the most current technology trends and purchase related products as soon as they are available also are more likely to invest more in their network infrastructure in 2013.

IMPLICATIONS FOR THE CHANNEL – Ensure your partners are “enabled”--well-versed in presenting the customer value proposition and can uncover companies that fit this need profile.

  1. Network security and network management are the top areas where companies will be spending their network infrastructure dollars. Plus, with software-defined networking solutions emerging as a hot topic, this is an area where investments will be made.

IMPLICATIONS FOR THE CHANNEL – By devoting resources (marketing and “enablement” dollars) in these focused areas within your ecosystem, more partners should be driving greater revenues.

THE BIGGER TRUTH: With focused efforts that leverage partner investments by vendors in the networking market, increased mindshare and shortening the “time-to-revenue” should be the result. That’s great news for vendors and partners alike…And that’s “money in the bank!"

Topics: IT Infrastructure Networking