Fusion ioVDI - Cost-effective VDI Performance Where it Matters

Fusion-io announced Fusion ioVDI software for VDI acceleration at VMworld this week. ESG Lab has gotten an early look, and is in the process of testing and analyzing for a Lab Validation report to be released soon.

Based on their acquired Fusion ioTurbine virtualization acceleration software and installed with Fusion ioMemory-based products in data center servers, ioVDI offers a virtual desktop solution FusionIO says is designed to deliver seamless, reliable, and cost-effective virtual desktop performance with consistent low latency and compelling economics.

In a nutshell, ioTurbine software uses flash to provide a cached area for virtual machines, enabling a host server to run more of them. Along similar lines, ioVDI software enables an ESXi host to run more virtual desktops--and run them faster--using VDI-savvy flash capabilities while seamlessly integrating into any DAS, SAN, or NAS environment. ioVDI Software also leverages VAAI (with compliant storage) to provide both persistent and stateless desktop capacity and data protection.

ESG Lab has posted some preliminary analysis and results--take a look: Lab Report Preview: Fusion ioVDI

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