George Washington and Cybersecurity

As you may have noticed there's not much of an obvious direct link between George Washington and cybersecurity; but it's President's Day here in the US, so I figured something relevant might be good. While George Washington is revered as the father of the country, cybersecurity might easily be reviled as the mother of all contemporary digital issues [not that being a mother is bad per se, of course. But my semantic jollity doesn't work otherwise].

And so to the serious stuff: my colleague Jon Oltsik recently note-to-congress-pass-cybersecurity-legislation-now/index.html">blogged about the need to pass a cybersecurity bill that is presently on the floor of the Senate awaiting a vote. In terms of voting, we've set up a polling question on the ESG website to gather data about what a larger population of IT professionals really thinks on this topic. Please go to the link and have your say. There's no excuse not to - it's on our front page, or you can link from Jon's blog, or you can go straight from here. The more respondents we get, the more powerful the data becomes. Thanks.

You can read Mark's other blog entries at The Business of Storage.

Topics: Cybersecurity