Getting Over the Post-holiday BYOD Proliferation Blues

It’s no secret, BYOD and mobile devices are changing the way we work, play, and communicate with each other. As a result, the demand for wireless networks is very strong and ESG's IT spending intentions research survey data indicates that expanding wireless networks is one of the top-five most-cited network priorities for organizations. The timing is perfect to talk about expanding the WLAN as the volume of new mobile wireless devices entering the workplace always tend to spike after the holidays. Many of those in IT that I speak to have stated it is not uncommon to have over a thousand new devices hit the wireless network in January. IT then has to struggle to ensure there is adequate connectivity for all these new devices (especially in the executive wing), mitigate the risk, and spend a lot of time associated with managing the onboarding process. For those in higher education, this scenario plays out at the start of every school year as well.

Again, ESG research demonstrates that the BYOD trend has resulted in significant challenges regarding security risks and administrative overhead. Therefore, having tools that will help administrators mitigate risk, simplify the process, and enable greater control of the wireless environment should be welcomed. That’s what Aerohive is betting on with the release today of their Mobility Suite that will provide admins with greater levels of visibility and control of the wireless environment.

The Mobility Suite consists of a Client Management application (device level control for greater security), an ID Manager application (BYOD & guest registration), and the ability to integrate with mobile device management software partners AirWatch and JAMF Software (advanced MDM). Aerohive customers can try out the client management app for 100 devices for free and those with HiveOS 6.0 can integrate with AirWatch and JAMF today.

So if you are a network admin suffering from the post-holiday BYOD proliferation blues, you may just want to check out the Mobility Suite from Aerohive to regain control.

Topics: IT Infrastructure Networking Enterprise Mobility