Gigamon Expands Traffic Visibility Intelligence

Gigamon announced the next round of enhancements to its Visibility Fabric solution. The added features will help service providers and large enterprises deliver granular filtering and forwarding of relevant data across very large and rapidly growing network environments. This should ultimately result in more targeted information to feed management and analytics engines, which in turn will accelerate the ability of service providers and enterprises to create new services and make important business decisions.

There were three new applications and a few enhancements that included:

  • The GTP correlation application. This delivers relevant subscriber-/session-level information from 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks, as well as voice and video sources. It also helps align packets of information to correct, useful flows.
  • FlowVUE application. Enables subscriber-aware flow sampling to collect data on extremely high volume application traffic.
  • Adaptive Packet Filtering application. Provides visibility into the entire packet, which enables intelligent filtering and forwarding based on encapsulation protocols and inner packet contents.
  • Updates to the Deduplication Application. Includes support for IPv6.
  • Improvements to GigaSMART to incorporate IP fragmentation and Cisco's FabricPath header-stripping capabilities.

Gigamon's Visibility Fabric will provide network teams a more granular and detailed understanding of their network traffic. The new enhancements will leverage adaptive packet filtering, and will enable efficient and effective use of big data for management using subscriber-aware flow sampling. Additionally, the GTP correlation application will equip service provider environments with a solution that allows them to capture and accurately deliver session-/subscriber-level data from 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks, as well as video and voice sources. The GTP application should be well received by service providers as mobile devices become a critical resource for productivity. In fact, recent ESG research found that 74% of respondents indicated that they rely heavily on their mobile devices to perform their primary job functions.[1] Furthermore, more than half (38%) of those respondents who report heavy reliance on their mobile devices for work indicated that they would be unable to do their jobs without access to their mobile devices. As a result, operations teams must have the visibility and information to adjust services as required to ensure a solid end-user experience.

For organizations that want to take control of their network and are looking for intelligent solutions that will help them do so more effectively and efficiently, the Gigamon Visibility Fabric offers a compelling option. These new enhancements further demonstrate Gigamon’s ability to extend its capabilities and support its customers in the service provider and enterprise. For more information on this annoucement, read the ESG Brief covering the announcement.

[1] Source: ESG Research Report, 2013 Mobile Device and Application Usage Trends, August 2013.

Topics: IT Infrastructure Networking Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI