Google Cloud Next - What's in Store Next?


Google Cloud Next runs from March 8th to 10th, 2017. The streets of San Francisco are already plastered with many signs announcing the event, as shown here.  And it’s sold out already!

We look forward to the announcements that will be made during the week. By looking at the schedule, the main points to be made are probably across all the areas that Google Cloud has emphasized in the past, including application development, big data and machine learning, infrastructure, mobility, business platforms, and productivity tools.


People naturally compare Google Cloud with other major cloud providers such as AWS or Microsoft Azure. The key thing to remember is that although AWS had a head start in offerings its public cloud service, Google as a company has been creating and using these cloud computing technologies internally for a long time, and is gradually turning them into products or features for public consumption. Thus I am not concerned about the maturity of the technologies. In many respects, they are already tested for use by a large set of end-users.


What I am curious about are the business aspects, such as the support, education, and partnerships, and all the blocking and tackling necessary to make this platform ready for enterprise use. As they say, it's always the triad of people, process, and technology, and many of the non-technical areas are critical for adoption of the entire solution.


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