Growing Up in IT: 20 Years of ESG

esg-video-blog-20-years-of-accelerating-your-successWell, we did it. We hit the 20-year milestone here at ESG! And what a crazy ride it has been. In many ways, things are not much different in the world: IT remains a second class citizen many times, demands are constantly growing, budgets are constantly shrinking, and IT gets the raw end of the deal.

Companies come, and companies gooccasionally because of a quantum leap forward in technology (think cloud), but more often than not they go because they simply repeat the mistakes of their ancestors. They don’t know how the business of IT functions.

The good news is that our thirst for intelligence in the data we amass is insatiable and combined with the ever increasing volume of data we create, there is no end in sight to the value one can gain from IT. This means that while many jobs will become obsolete, many more higher value jobs will be created.

20 years ago there was no iPhone. 20 years ago Internet performance was measured in kilobits. My, how times have changed. 

In this short video, I reflect on how ESG has evolved over the two decades since we began and how we see the future. I hope you enjoy!