Hadoop and Geopolitical Conquest

There are four traditional strategies to establishing an empire. We can see these employed time and again in the technology market, but also in world geopolitics. For quick reference, I’ll call these “Rouda’s Four B’s”: *

1. Build in - Focus on developing your own internal strength with advantageous product capabilities and judicious use of your financial and human resources. Devise new weapons, train your troops, and don’t over-extend your supply lines.

2. Buy out - Find complements to your existing portfolio and license the products or outright acquire the company that has it. Annex territories, welcome and assimilate the people, expand your borders, but prepare for minor revolts along the way.

3. Buddy up - Establish formal partnerships and networks with players that can advance your cause, either technically or in go-to-market efforts. Set up mutual aid agreements with allies, big and small, but realize they have their own agenda.

4. Beat down - If all else fails, become extremely aggressive in your interactions and leave your opponent no safe ground. Fight dirty, use fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and scorch the earth if you still can’t win. Note: this is not very sportsmanlike.

The Hadoop distribution landscape is currently heavily contested, with a number of different nations struggling to be a global superpower. Each comes from a different position, and each is using the above tactics to varying degrees.

I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader’s own spy network to assess Cloudera, Pivotal, MapR, Hortonworks, Amazon, IBM, and others against each of the strategies above.

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Pictured: Toshiro Mifune, who portrayed masterful battle strategies to great effect in his many films. You should watch them.

* (Rouda's Four B's are not to be confused for Rouda’s B.S.)

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI