Heading To the Caymans, Leave Any Money You Need Laundered At The Front Desk

Dad is turning 70, so the clan is surprising him by showing up with 87 kids to ruin his quiet vacation. 70 may not seem like much to you, but in the Duplessie gene pool, it is nothing short of a miracle. Our hearts tend to explode around 45-50 in this family (yep, just turned 49, nice knowing you...). The US debt counter has nothing on the Duper Cholesterol Meter.

Big surprise was planned, but alas, since all flights to the Cayman's connect in Charlotte, and there is exactly one flight per day from there, my sister's clan will be on the same flight as good old dad, and the surprise will be a tad tarnished. Hard to be inconspicuous when you have an 11 year old with an afro the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, a 9 year old with a natural megaphone in his vocal cords, and a black as night Ethiopian 4 year old who will tackle grampy as soon as he enters the area.

So I'll be working hard from the beach next week. Pity me.

Go Pats.