Hitachi Unified Compute Platform

ESG has been tracking, researching, and speaking with numerous IT customers and vendors about the transition in consumption model from DIY (do-it-yourself) to turnkey approach to infrastructure procurement. The benefits are hard to ignore and the advantages ultimately boil down to a smarter and better way to do IT. ESG has published multiple reports on the topic, including our most recent Market Landscape Report: Integrated Computing Platform. The report covers the different approaches to ICP (integrated computing platforms): benefits, drivers, future market trends, and coverage of 12 of the major IT vendors participating in this rapidly growing space.

Hitachi’s recent announcement provides validation that 1. IT vendors are continuing to build out and develop ICPs to align with IT demand, and 2. Hitachi remains a top player in this market. Hitachi’s UCP (Unified Compute Platform) provides a range of configurations that include:

  • UCP for vSphere
  • UCP Select for Microsoft Private Cloud
  • UCP Select for Oracle RAC
  • UCP Select for SAP HANA

Potentially the area of greatest differentiation for ICP vendors, orchestration and management automation are quickly becoming the focal points of ICPs. Vendors are creating new IP that captures intelligence across the compute, storage, and network layers and aggregates it for integration into existing and familiar management and orchestration tools. These tools, which are fundamental cornerstones of private cloud infrastructures, provide significant benefits that IT organizations ought to consider when planning a new infrastructure deployment.

Hitachi’s UCP Director 3.0 is an example of how an ICP vendor is providing improved insight into the ICP environment and simplifying IT operations. This focus from Hitachi will enable customers to take advantage of a simplified IT infrastructure and streamlined management.

Hitachi is right in the mix of the ICP market and is demonstrating differentiation. They will have to keep their foot planted on the accelerator to stand out amongst the traditional system vendors and win the mindshare of IT management. Hitachi has the technology, is providing innovation in its management layer, and is ready to demonstrate the value of UCP in some of the biggest ongoing IT initiatives. For any IT professional considering investment in an ICP solution, Hitachi UCP is certainly worth a look.

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure Networking Cloud Services & Orchestration