How is SQL Server still a thing?

SQL ServerForgive the title... too much John Oliver influence perhaps.

But to answer the question, SQL Server is still a thing because the database works, people know it, and it keeps getting better. In fact, to call SQL Server 2016 a database sells it a bit short, considering the broad range of functionality covered in the GA release. There are numerous improvements around transaction processing, security, data warehousing, BI, advanced analytics, and hybrid cloud.

See, not just a database?

I was able to spend a day at Microsoft in Redmond, WA recently and dive deep into the technology and test out new features. A few that really caught my eye include:

  • Temporal query to look back at consistent data for a particular point or range in time
  • Polybase improvements for query of Hadoop data lakes right alongside SQL Server
  • Deep connections to PowerBI and Excel, an easy entry point for any budding analyst
  • Efficient scale with stretch database and Azure SQL data warehouse
  • Powerful links to the popular R language for advanced analytics

And more. So, yes, SQL Server 2016 is finally fully operational and ready for the enterprise. ESG subscribers can read our full brief here:

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