HP, Kaminario, and Fusion-io/NetApp Contribute to a Busy Solid-State News Day

It was a busy day for sold-state storage news watchers. Three announcements grabbed my attention, but - such is the speed of things in this sector right now - I'm sure I will have missed one or two! Ironically there is so much news being generated about solid-state, that pretty soon I'll need a nice big tape drive to store all the information!

So, what happened? I'll go in alphabetical order so as not to upset any ranking algorithms!

  • Fusion-io announced that it is working with NetApp - combining its flash memory with the latter's ONTAP software - to develop and offer a server-side flash caching abiility. This makes sense for both parties, as each needs what the other has in order to grow.
  • HP told the world of its new all-SSD version of the 3PAR 10000 storage system. While that's on the storage end of the wire, the architecture of 3PAR was always built for high performance, so this is a logical product extension, especially since others offer something similar.
  • Kaminario (all solid-state scale-out SAN for high performance apps) weighed in with a new record for sustained storage system performance, sporting over 1.2M SPC-1 IOPS (as well as price performance at just 40c per SPC-1 IOP). Over 24 hours it averaged 10GB throughput and 3.44ms latency.

What does all this mean? Partly the news is itself the news - in other words the vibrancy of the solid-state sector in all its forms. And partly the news is the drive to make solid-state easier to consume, sometimes via integration and management, sometimes via being a complete system, and sometimes by good-old-fashioned buck-perfromance for an awfully big bang. We are only at the beginning of the solid-state wave...but we are mostly over the credibility hump, and are now looking at flexibility, integration, and value. Watch this space (as if you weren't already!).

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure