HPE Discover 2020: Enabling Cloud Everywhere with Next-level Intelligence for Storage

GettyImages-150799488HPE’s Discover 2020 virtual event continued this week, with a day focused on storage. On the whole, HPE’s virtual Discover experience has been impressive, entertaining, and well managed. Check it out, the content is still available.

During the initial week, HPE presented its high-level, aspiration goals of delivering technology for good while presenting new innovations designed to modernize application environments with Ezmeral and infrastructure environments with enhancements to HPE GreenLake.

This week, the focus was delivering a storage foundation that is intelligent and flexible enough to make those aspirational higher-level goals achievable. To deliver a true cloud-level experience everywhere, IT needs more intelligent infrastructure to reduce the personnel burden and easier methods of leveraging cloud-based resources. This week, HPE presented two announcements designed to deliver those very benefits:

Intelligent Storage with Primera:

One side effect of the digital era is that there are simply not enough people available to manually manage all the systems, environments, and infrastructure we need to meet our digital business goals. Now with COVID-19, manual onsite activities have become more costly and riskier. It is the technology that must become smarter and able to handle the small stuff on its own, freeing people up to focus on the large challenges.

HPE Primera has been intelligent since its inception, building on HPE’s InfoSight technology and offering the ability to monitor a rich set of telemetry data, predict future issues, and recommend actions. With this integrated intelligence and InfoSight, HPE can offer 100% availability guaranteed with Primera, and (according to HPE) provide a solution to 86% of issues automatically. With this latest release, Primera now has the ability to automatically act on those recommendations in order to self-heal and self-optimize the environment.

This ability to automatically act and address issues is no small task. In order to be certain that the actions will have the desired effect, you need a wealth of data on previous interactions, environments, and scenarios. HPE Primera can act with confidence given HPE’s extensive experience with InfoSight, a technology that has been monitoring diverse data center environments dating back to Nimble Storage, pre-HPE acquisition. It is this history and experience along with the wealth of telemetry and support data collected that provides the secret sauce for HPE Primera’s ability to automatically act, while other solutions can only recommend.

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup

Data protection has been, and continues to be, a thorn in IT’s side. With HPE Cloud Volumes announcement, HPE is delivering a simple, consistent cloud storage target for data protection. This technology can support backup of both HPE and non-HPE systems and offers the ability to restore on-premises with HPE or to AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup isn’t a one stop shop for every backup need; rather, it is a flexible cloud-based storage platform that can simplify almost any backup environment by offering a simple-to-use cloud backup environment that can easily restore data to where it needs to be.

Combined, these two new announcements strengthen the foundation for everything HPE wants to deliver with its higher-level technologies such as GreenLake and Ezmeral. Modern IT needs smarter, more flexible, and more capable services in order to achieve a cloud-like experience everywhere and that requires innovation up and down the stack. HPE Discover 2020 reaffirmed that HPE is on the right track.

Topics: Storage Cloud Services & Orchestration