HYCU Doubles Down on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

cloud-announcementThe HYCU team has been busy in the past few quarters. A number of updates to its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) backup solution have taken place following the introduction of the innovative BaaS offering, with billing integration and advanced backup controls for example. HYCU has also expanded its reseller network and is actively targeting the enterprise space. 

The company just announced a new set of capabilities at the Google Cloud Next '19 event in San Francisco this week. HYCU now supports Google Cloud Services, and more specifically Google Cloud SQL. As you can guess, this service is a fully managed relational database on GCP.

The HYCU service provides automated discovery of all instances, one-click backup, some level of granularity for restores, and additional automation and integration capabilities that should get people's attention in those enterprise organizations that have invested in GCP. 

This new service should be available in June, and I expect that that we will see HYCU support more services in the next few months.

Topics: Data Protection Google Next