HYCU Introduces BaaS for Google Cloud

cloud-infrastructure-securityRight on the heels of GoogleNext '18 (see ESG’s event coverage here), HYCU announced a new solution focused on protecting data assets in Google Cloud  (see HYCU's announcement here).

The solution is a fully managed backup as a service capability for customers running applications and virtual machines (VMs) on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Interested parties can subscribe to HYCU for GCP right from the GCP Marketplace. What is particularly interesting in this service is that it was designed leveraging Google Cloud snapshots not just for backup but also for recovery. Additional automation and management capabilities are included, like creating backup targets on Google Object Storage. No need for an agent and application consistency is also built-in. Pricing is based on the amount of storage consumed by the virtual machines and applications being protected.

Congrats to the HYCU team for this announcement. I expect that we are going to see a lot more in the space of data protection for GCP as Google keeps focusing on the enterprise and vendors in turn expand their product and service capabilities.

Topics: Data Protection Google Next