Identity and Access Management (IAM) Has Been in Babysitting Mode for Years...Something Must Change!

cyber_criminal.jpgIAM creates the first link in the “chain of trust” when a user, device, or a connected thing authenticates with a trusted source. Establishing this initial handshake is critical since it initializes the path to access and authorization—no wonder IAM has quickly become a renewed focal point for IT operations and information security professionals. To that end, ESG recently completed an IAM research study to validate existing business pain points around authentication, IAM professional white board priorities, and opportunities for IAM vendors to differentiate themselves amongst the countless tools littering a complex IAM landscape that are leading to buyer confusion.

This is what we found:

1.We know that cloud and mobility initiatives are driving chaos amongst IAM strategies.

  • Security risks have increased due to an expanded perimeter
  • Fractured authentication exists across networks, applications, and devices

2. We also know that nobody owns IAM.

  • With no rightful owner, advancing the IAM agenda with any consistency is challenging
  • To compound the problem, there is an information security skills shortage among IT professionals

3. This has resulted in poor IAM practices and failed IAM projects.

  • At the same time, mobility, cloud applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to put pressure on business to improve IAM strategies

What is also clear is the information security team has a long wish list that the IT operations team just can’t fulfill. For years, IT operations has been babysitting IAM platforms, such as Microsoft Active Directory, but due to the loss of control of devices, applications, and connected things, IAM has never been more important.

Click below to view the ESG Infographic for additional perspective on the current state of IAM, and why ESG is seeing focus intensify on IAM strategies inside business, a spark in IAM acquisitions, and IAM vendors picking up the drumbeat in the market.

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