Ignoring Microsoft is Risky

For all the years I have been in IT, it’s been easy to poke at Microsoft. Whether it has been blue screen of death, countless hours rebooting, or performance slumps on the desktop. Over time, it’s been fun to join in on the fodder, no matter your level of knowledge of skillset. We also all like the underdog, and with Microsoft as such an active player in technology, it’s more entertaining to cheer on the alternative players in the IT market. This is all good fun and one of the many aspects that makes the technology industry so much fun to participate in.

But, have you been watching Microsoft lately? Did you know that amongst its CEO transition that the stock closed at a 13 year high yesterday: Microsoft Closes At $38.94, Its Highest Point In 13.38 Years. Are you aware of the strides they have made with Windows Server 2012 such as the ones we blogged on with 3-highlights-with-microsoft-windows-server-2012-r2/index.html" target="_blank">3 Highlights with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. How about that Surface? Man did it get killed in reviews back at the beginning of the year and you would be hard pressed to find any positive take on the device, but now you can: Surface Brings Together the Best Microsoft Has to Offer, Company Exec Says and New York Times: Microsoft Produces a Winner in Tablets.

How about its public cloud offering Windows Azure? Microsoft is currently onboarding 1,000 customers a day to Azure with infrastructure-as-a-service accounting for 70% of Azure usage. Azure’s global presences is impressive and they continue to add new regions such as Brazil as Steven Martin, GM of Azure spoke about in his recent blog post: Expanding Windows Azure Capacity – Brazil.

The inquiries ESG receives on Microsoft have increased in frequency and cadence. So love them or hate them, be aware what Microsoft is up to. They have by no means figured everything out and have some pretty significant hurdles to leap over with a CEO change and stiff competition from the likes of Amazon. It is worth minimally understanding what Microsoft is up to in the data center, on the desktop, and with its mobile strategy.

Topics: IT Infrastructure Cloud Services & Orchestration