I'm Thankful For.....

The fact that Leo Apotheker is not my financial advisor. I'm sure he would have had me buy a tuna fish sandwich, for $1.6 billion dollars. Only then to find out the tuna was bad.

I'm thankful that I still have a job, but worry about unqualified elected officials screwing things up so badly that our global economy is in peril in short order.

I'm thankful the Pat's play the Jets Thanksgiving evening.

I'm thankful that there are smart business people, like Joe Tucci, who take the time to attempt to get our moronic politicians to sit down and get a deal done. At an EMC analyst thing last week, he quoted the Stones—saying to the politicians on either extreme, "you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need." Brilliant.

Speaking of the Stones, I'm thankful that I still may outlive Keith Richards. Though I wouldn't put a big bet on it.

I'm thankful that my family is intact and healthy. I'm thankful that my older kids may be crossing a chasm finally, and my younger ones still love me. I'm thankful for my extended dysfunctional family who I love dearly.

I'm thankful that after 25 years, I still get off on the IT business. There is always something interesting intellectually going on in this space that keeps me engaged.

I'm thankful for the ESG team that enables me to be me, and get paid for it. That's perhaps the most fascinating thing in this industry if you think about it.

I'm thankful for good people. And annoyed at the dumb ones. People are what's wrong with the human race!

I'm thankful that medical marijuana is becoming ubiquitous. For those of you who oppose such natural remedies in favor of the pharmaceutical industry, I suggest you tell me how you feel after you or someone you love goes through chemotherapy.

I'm thankful that the elections are over, and hopeful we can now move to the center and get something done.

I'm thankful for VMware, as it has turned everything in IT on its head, thus making boring things interesting again.