Impressions from VMworld 2015

golden_gateVMworld has become, arguably but also most likely, the closest thing we have to a de-facto general IT conference. Despite being vendor-named and organized (duh!), that vendor has a driving necessity to [at least] be seen to be heterogeneous and even-handed…simply because of its central role in so many IT organizations. Nothing else is quite so “IT ecosystem” strong. As a result we had 10+ ESG analysts covering the event, most actually in San Francisco; since our standard “On Location” video recap could easily have grown to fill 20 minutes or more, and since there are so many specialist areas covered, we decided to do things just a little differently this time: a quick couple of minutes “flavor” video, together with a reminder to visit ESG's aggregate micro-site of VMworld 2015 coverage.

Video Transcript

The tagline at VMworld 2015 was Ready for Any. Putting aside the troubling syntax of that thought, Ready for Any did serve as a compelling theme for the event. My colleagues and I found that the primary message communicated by VMware was one of it being able to fulfill ever broader user IT needs across the enterprise and across any application. For example, from my own storage-centric perspective, a key takeaway was VMware's plan to turn its VSAN into a fully-fledged and scalable enterprise storage platform. That, in turn, is a part of VMware's one cloud strategy. Its intent, its ability to actually collect VMs into a fabric that then in turn supports more valuable virtualization layers. Meantime, my ESG analyst colleagues that cover cloud computing and application development and deployment found the discourse, discussion, direction on containers particularly interesting. In fact, one of my colleagues described the question of how containers and virtual machines will interact as a battle royale looming on the horizon. I would encourage you to visit the main ESG blog stream to explore how our whole team at the event saw the event and the market questions that were either addressed and/or raised. ESG's analysts team covered the news and developments from VMworld from every angle, and that coverage is all available at Enjoy the multiple blog post reviewing VMworld and its fallout, and don't to hesitate to reach out if you'd like to connect with any of us regarding the impact of what we heard on your business.


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