In Conversation with Aruba's Larry Lunetta at Atmosphere 2018 (Video)

Peters_Lunetta_Aruba_InterviewI recently attended the Aruba Atmosphere conference. As my blog and the ESG On Location Video report from the event (that I did with my colleague Bob Laliberte) both cover, this was definitely a cross between a tribal event and a family reunion, wrapped in the feel (but not the purpose) of a sales kick-off! Bob’s blog from the event does a good job of suggesting how broad the range of coverage and announcements was. That said, vendors in IT can often continue to be perceived by their initial offerings rather than their complete abilities. In that light I sat down to chat with Larry Lunetta, the VP of marketing for the security side of Aruba.

I am a big fan of the unbridled enthusiasm that youngsters that have only been at one company exude...but I must say that the considered enthusiasm of a broadly experienced exec like Larry is at least as compelling.

Topics: Storage ESG on Location