In Conversation with IBM's Eric Herzog at Think 2018 (Video)

Peters_Herzog_InterviewAt IBM’s recent Think conference I grabbed the chance to spend a few minutes with Eric Herzog; his title is as long as his shirts are colorful, but basically he runs all storage marketing for IBM.

Eric is one of the most infectiously enthusiastic execs in the industry, and it means a lot can be packed into the six minute video interview. While the main topics are storage-focused, the conversation was broader, as clearly IBM recognizes the value of integrated offerings....not only because that’s what users increasingly want these days, but also because - conveniently! - IBM is one of very few vendors that can deliver a wide range of integrated solutions off of its own shelves.

If you would like a more wide-ranging summary from the event then you can find a blog from my colleague Scott Sinclair HERE, plus my blog and a joint ESG On Location Video HERE.

Topics: Storage ESG on Location