In Politics (as in Channel Partnering), It’s All Personal

OK, so here we are at the end of a too-long, too-painful election process. No matter who your candidate was, or whether you are depressed, elated, nervous, excited…or some combination of all of the above, lets’ talk about how we move forward and reflect on what we've learned.

One thing we learned as Tuesday night became Wednesday morning was that what motivated the turnout and inspired individual voters was personal. How is my personal well-being and yes, my pocketbook going to be affected by how I pull the lever or fill in the bubble? Do I believe my family will have a better, more prosperous future?

Time after time when I speak with IT channel partner owners, leaders, and executives, they echo the same sentiment (viewed through a business lens) as they evaluate new technologies being offered by hardware and software providers.

Do my customers want this? What will it cost me to get into this business? How will it help my company grow and stand out? And most importantly: How will I make money? This quote, taken from our recent study on partner cloud transformation says it all about the bottom line for partners:

“We are further ahead in understanding the technology than sorting out the business model.”
- CEO, National Solution Provider

As we work with ESG’s vendor clients to help them better recruit, motivate, and support the best IT channel partners, we continue to emphasize that their go-to-market strategy starts… and ends … with partner economics. Like politics, a better, more prosperous future is very personal for partners.

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