Informatica Wants You to be Data-centric

Not everyone in IT, much less the broader business community, appreciates the importance of shepherding their data. The more common attitude, propagated by many infrastructure and application vendors, is that the data is just a raw material to be stored, moved, analyzed, and displayed. The need for organizing, supplementing, cleaning, safeguarding, and providing appropriate access is much less well understood.

Meanwhile big data has re-captured the imagination of business leaders and IT executives alike, creating a window of opportunity to establish new ground rules on how data is turned into insights. Informatica is in an enviable position as the leader in many of these areas, and arguably the most comprehensive player. If they can successfully build awareness and educate a wider range of stakeholders on their platform of “boring but crucial” solutions, then they will enjoy rapid success in the big data market, and their customers will be better off for their investment.

Now Informatica has announced their next wave of solutions to re-orient applications, users, and IT practices around the data, with three new offerings including their:

  • Managed Data Lake
  • Data Harmonization
  • Data-Centric Security

Subscribers can read more about Informatica solutions in our ESG brief, Informatica’s Place in Big Data Solutions.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI