Interop 2012 – It’s all about the Network

Having left Las Vegas in the rear view mirror and enjoying a lengthy plane ride home gave me time to reflect on my time at Interop 2012. As the title of this blog indicates, many that I spoke to felt as though the show this spring had a definite network focus. You might be saying, duh, it is a networking show, and you would be correct, but there seemed to be less cloud washing and more about the Network, like Software-defined Networking, support for BYOD environments and even low latency Ethernet. Some of this was evident in the awards given out. NEC took home a best of show (and category) award for its Programmable Flow Controller, Gnodal picked up a e award for its new high density low latency switch and Citrix won a category award for its VDI in a box solution.

Other observations include:

  • Huawei was very visible at the event and is planning on making their presence felt in the US this year. Based on conversations, they have realistic expectations and are taking a long term approach. However, with $32B in revenue I expect that their impact will be noticed.
  • NEC led the SDN with OpenFlow charge demonstrating its controller working with Brocade, Extreme, IBM, Intel and NEC switches. Definitely a cool demo, though I have yet to witness an enterprise network environment that deployed 5 different network vendor switches - not intentionally anyways. One of the cooler parts of the demo was the integration of Radware into the controller to deliver security services for the SDN enabled environment.
  • HP added to their Virtual Application Network story by adding F5 as a featured partner to help accelerate cloud application deployments.
  • Cisco had no public announcements on SDN this week, but you can be assured that doesn’t mean they are going to sit this one out. I expect we will be hearing more from them soon.
  • Management solutions were highly visible – The sale of Anue brought additional attention and validation to what ESG refers to as the intelligent Management Aggregation Network or iMAN space (other vendors include APCON, Gigamon, NetOptics and VSS monitoring). Spunk, ExtraHop and SevOne also stood out with their management solutions.
  • Lots of focus on BYOD with organizations like Cisco, Enterasys, HP, and Juniper placing significant effort on solutions in this space.

More on this next week.

Topics: IT Infrastructure Networking