IoT: The Enterprise Impact


The Internet of Things will place new pressures on many fronts for enterprise networks, including DNS and management requirements. A lot of people believe the Internet of Things will create challenges due to the additional number of devices being placed into the network. While it's true that more devices places additional stress on the core infrastructure, IoT is more complex than just having more computers or mobile devices on a given network.

Preparing enterprise networking infrastructure for IoT isn’t just a matter of pulling more cables, putting in more WiFi access points and WAN links, and it's not like supporting BYOD. It requires addressing increased DNS demands, new protocols, and different management requirements.

How the Internet of Things is different from a networking perspective

Let's start by looking at how IoT is different from regular Internet connectivity, which for the purposes of this article is defined as a connection between people using devices, which are connected to apps. IoT is broader, connecting objects, apps, business processes and people through the data shared between these items. These range from devices on people (wearables, health care sensors), sensors in the real-world infrastructure (parking meters, road sensors), and vehicles (airplane engines, fleet of delivery trucks, trains).


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