Is Multi-cloud More Marketing Than Reality? (Video)

EdwinYSteveD.jpgAs you survey the landscape of IT today, one of the hottest buzzwords is multi-cloud, usually accompanied by a variant of "Any App, Any Cloud," or a position that the company is agnostic to cloud vendors. In reality, we shouldn't blame them too much.  No one really likes vendor lock-in and unless you are a major player with your own large-scale cloud business, you have to be multi-cloud.

But like the term "Internet" in the late 90s and "cloud" itself not five years ago, multi-cloud is much more about using the term and having the label than what exactly it means or how enterprises benefit from it. In the video below, Steve Duplessie interviews me about the impact of multi-cloud support for vendors and customers.

In the video, I discuss the open issues of what exactly multi-cloud means, how it is defined, and how that impacts the vendors that are making multi-cloud claims. I also discuss the use of multiple public cloud providers (CSPs), like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Engine, whether customers are actually leveraging the unique capabilities of each public cloud provider, and how much that impacts the features and functions that vendors offer.

These and many other multi-cloud issues have yet to answered, which is driving my newest sponsored research project, Managing the Mounting Multi-cloud Reality. In this research, we will be asking questions such as:

  • What do you consider a multi-cloud solution?
  • In the next five years, do you expect the number of CSPs you use to grow, stay the same, or shrink?
  • Was the rollout of CSP use done centrally or was it a result of multiple decisions across the organization?
  • What is the greater need, a single unified management solution or deep integration for each CSP/private cloud and its specific features/functions?
  • How much does the requirement to support CSP functionality impact your hybrid cloud and systems management purchasing decisions?

This research is currently open for sponsorships, which can help drive the directions and questions that we will ask around multi-cloud. If your company is interested in this research, contact ESG through Kris Jones, who can give more detail on the research and the ways ESG can help you.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration