Is Quantum Computing Closer to Being a Reality, and how It Can Coexist with Traditional Computing

GettyImages-605383559Many large tech companies have already invested heavily in quantum technologies, yet significant adoption of quantum computing has had its share of delays and false starts. However, with some recent announcements in the quantum sector, now seems to be the ideal time for organizations to take a closer look at quantum and consider how this approach could work for their business workloads. Organizations that have been historically focused on classical computing are now positioning quantum for the future.

Recently I covered how many companies are approaching this adoption and how they are starting to shift the market. My recent TechTarget article titled, "What's the state of quantum computing?" highlights the current vendor position, new acquisitions in the space, and the upcoming horizons for the next generation of adoption.

Paul's POV

There are many companies trying to get in front of this "wave" because quantum processing is incredibly fast. Solving today's problems would be completed in a fraction of time. However, not all use cases work with quantum. The traditional systems coexist with quantum systems now and will continue to do so in the future.

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