Is Ransomware on your Radar? Rubrik Can Help…

GettyImages-902960610Earlier this week Rubrik announced the launch of a new addition to the Polaris SaaS platform: Polaris Radar. This new application focuses on the mitigation of data security incidents with ransomware squarely in its sights.  

In our 2018 IT Spending Intentions Survey, ESG identified that ransomware is on the rise and represents a concern for both business and IT leaders. Ransomware has become very pervasive and the majority of firms ESG surveyed reported experiencing ransomware last year, generating a high level of concern, with 81% of organizations reporting to be either concerned or highly concerned about ransomware.

Rubrik’s Radar solution offers multiple levels of defense with monitoring to detect anomalies via machine learning models, analysis for threat impact and visualization, and workflow-based recovery, which automates manual processes.

Protecting against ransomware and reinforcing cybersecurity is top of mind for IT and business leaders and requires proactive security initiatives. With this launch, Rubrik not only continues to expand its Polaris Data Management Platform, but also adds much needed capabilities to complement other cybersecurity initiatives and tools.

Topics: Cybersecurity Data Protection