It's Still Early for Converged and Hyperconverged – Predictions for 2018 (Video)

RDP_1-29-18.pngI was waiting on releasing my 2018 predictions for converged and hyperconverged infrastrucuture because I wanted to leverage a key data point from our recent spending intentions research. From an IT infrastructure standpoint, this year’s data had some particularly compelling data points regarding areas of opportunity where senior IT decision makers feel they can significantly streamline costs. More than half of organizations (54%) feel their on-premises storage and/or networking infrastructure is where their costs can be streamlined. My colleague Mark Peters recently wrote a great brief on the subject, but here is my quick take...

This data can be interpreted differently. There is an immediate interpretation of streamlining costs by simply eliminating those costs - moving some infrastructure to the cloud, which can offer both CapEx and OpEx savings. It should be noted that in many cases, an on-premises infrastructure still exists, but it doesn’t have to be as large as it used to be. Looking just at the on-prem side of the hybrid approach, organizations will want to consolidate their physical footprint and they’ll want to make sure they do it cost-effectively while still meeting their application requirements. A bonus would be delivering a cloud-like experience so organizations can have a similar consumption model on-prem or in the cloud. What technology helps to fit the bill? Converged and hyperconverged infrastructures.

Check out my predictions for what’s to come for converged and hyperconverged in 2018.

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