Kaminario Announces General Availability for K2 Generation 6

Velocity.jpgToday, Kaminario, all-flash storage vendor, announced general availability for the next generation, sixth actually, of its K2 all-flash storage systems. With generation six, or Gen 6, K2 systems received a boost to both speed and scale. I took the time to quickly list some of the key highlight below:

  • Multi-petabyte capacity scale (up to 4 PB of effective capacity)
  • 5M IOPS @ 0.35ms latencies
  • 4:1 guaranteed effective capacity increase

Everything on that list is impressive stuff, but the underlying architecture that enables these capabilities is even more impressive. If you are familiar with all-flash technology, you are used to seeing high performance numbers. But what makes Kaminario’s release interesting is not necessarily its ability to deliver a high IOPS number, but the ability to deliver those numbers at very low latencies, below half a millisecond. You can’t do that without the right architecture. K2 systems are able to scale up and scale out. The combination delivers flexibility in scalability with the ability to add capacity, or performance, or both. It also helps future proof the environment with the ability to add Gen 6 arrays to Gen 5 systems non-disruptively.

Additionally, Kaminario is guaranteeing a 4 to 1 effective capacity increase. I have written about Kaminario’s K-Assured program before. So I won’t belabor the details—just know it is an impressive set of guarantees. But with the effective capacity guarantee, if your system doesn’t achieve the 4:1 ratio, Kaminario is saying they will provide the additional capacity at no extra charge. No gimmicks, no fine print, no “well, you have to use the right workload”—just a 4:1 guarantee. It’s simple, and simple is becoming rare these days.

If you are not familiar with Kaminario’s all-flash technology, that is unfortunate, though not entirely surprising. With the scalability of the K2 architecture, Kaminario has found success in highly scalable private clouds and as-a-service infrastructures. This success, though, has also resulted in Kaminario focusing less of its marketing efforts on more traditional enterprise environments. The result is that for many enterprises investigating all-flash, Kaminario can be something of a hidden gem, which is a shame. So, do yourself a favor. If you are evaluating all-flash storage, add Kaminario’s name to that list.

Topics: Storage