Key Cybersecurity Findings from ESG’s 2018 IT Spending Intentions Research (Video)

Cahill_Oltsik_Spending_Intentions.jpegESG recently completed our annual IT spending intentions research in which the study gauged not only spending plans, but top of mind IT and cybersecurity considerations for economic buyers. With strengthening cybersecurity tools and process being the most important IT meta-trend, and cybersecurity the largest area of projected incremental spend, this video blog explores the dynamics that are driving cybersecurity priorities, including: 

  • The challenge of complying with GDPR requirements, how GDPR penalties represent an appreciable financial risk to affected organizations, and whether such a regulation with similar financial implications is needed to protect the personally identifiable information of US citizens.
  • The staggering spate of ransomware attacks experienced in 2017, including those who were impacted with a high degree of regularity, make ransomware a top area of concern for 2018.
  • The specific areas of cybersecurity spending forecasted to increase the most in 2018.
  • How the problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills requires compensating strategies including the adoption of platforms such as a SOAPA (security operations analytics platform architecture).

ESG will be exploring these topics and other top of mind cybersecurity issues with research and analysis throughout 2018. Stay tuned!

Topics: Cybersecurity SOAPA GDPR